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Table 2 Comparison of different α-synuclein RT-QuIC protocols. The table summarizes the differences in the protocols so far developed to detect α-synuclein seeding activity in the RT-QuIC. In Fairfoul et al., * 42 DLB samples included 12 pure DLB, 17 DLB + AD and 13 AD with incidental Lewy bodies. ** Not determined. *** In Kang et al., T50 (time to reach 50% of the maximum of fluorescence) was calculated as function of the unified Parkinson disease rating scale (UPDRS) instead of the lag time. T50 was approximately 50 h. **** Due to the limited number of samples analysed, De Luca et al. decided both to calculate specificity and sensitivity. Extracting these data from the paper resulted in specificity of 65.5% and sensitivity 84.3% for OM seeded reactions

From: Effect of the micro-environment on α-synuclein conversion and implication in seeded conversion assays