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Table 2 Presymptomatic UHF-MRI Diffusion Bioimaging Markers at 17.6T and Histological Findings in ALS Mice Spinal Cord

From: Ultra-High Field Diffusion MRI Reveals Early Axonal Pathology in Spinal Cord of ALS mice

MRI markers White Matter Microstructure Histology/Molecular Markers
FA ↓ Axonal Organization YFP labeled axons
RD ↑ Myelin Content MBP *
AD ↓ Axonal Degeneration YFP labeled axons
EW ↓ Axonal Connectivity YFP labeled axons
ADC ↑ Transmembrane Water Diffusion AQP4 ↑↑
  1. Presymptomatic white matter changes in UHF-MRI diffusion can be associated to biological and molecular markers of axonal ultrastructure & connectivity and other cellular compartments
  2. Abbreviations: ALS Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis, WM White matter, ADC Apparent diffusion coefficient, RD Radial Diffusivity, AD Axial diffusivity, FA Fractional Anisotropy, EW Edge Weight, AQP4 Aquaporin 4, MBP Myelin Basic Protein, YFP Yellow fluorescent Protein. (* Presymptomatic changes in MBP seen in Gatto et al. 2018 [28])