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Table 1 Gene-smoking interactions for Parkinson Disease

From: Nicotine from cigarette smoking and diet and Parkinson disease: a review

First author, year of publication Study participants Gene studied Results
Greenbaum, 2013 [109] 667 Italian PD patients CHRNA3, CHRNA4, and CHRNA5 A significant interaction between the CHRNA5 (rs588765) and smoking status (never smokers vs. ever-smokers)
Hancock, 2006 [110] 466 singleton and 286 multiplex families in the United States NOS2A Significant interactions of NOS2A (rs2255929 and rs1060826) with smoking in a subset of the families
Miyake, 2012 [113] 229 PD patients and 357 controls in Japan SNCA Significant interactions between SNCA (rs356219 and rs356220) and smoking with respect to sporadic PD
McCulloch, 2008 [112] 932 PD patients and 664 controls in the United States MAPT, SNCA, UCHL1, and APOE A significant interaction between SNCA REP1 and smoking
Gao, 2012 [91, 114] 584 PD patients and 1571 controls (non-Hispanic Caucasians) SNCA, MAPT, SLC2A13, and HLA A significant interaction with rs2896905 at SLC2A13
Palma, 2010 [115] 767 PD patients and 1989 controls in Europe CYP1B1, CYP2D6, GSTM1, GSTM3, GSTT1, GSTP1, NQ01, SOD2, EPHX, NAT2, MAOA, MAOB, DAT1, and DRD2 Significant interactions between smoking and GSTM1 Pos/Null, GSTP1 haplotype, and NAT2 Fast/slow