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Table 2 Serial epidemiological studies of PD patients with WO and dyskinesia in Asian and Caucasians

From: Prevalence of wearing-off and dyskinesia among the patients with Parkinson’s disease on levodopa therapy: a multi-center registry survey in mainland China

Countries PD sample Design WO prevalence (%) Dyskinesia prevalence (%) References
UK 87 Community based 40.0(MF) 28 Schrag A, et al. Brain, 2000[2]
China 63 Hospital based, single center 44.4 17.5 Liu CF, et al. Chin J Neurol, 2003[5]
USA & Europe 289 Hospital based, multi-center 43.9*(MF) - Stacy M, et al. Mov Disord, 2005[19]
Turkey 555 Hospital based, single center 46.3 30.1 Benbir G, et al. Clin Neurol Neurosurg, 2006[11]
Chile 124 Hospital based, single center 52.0 47.2 Juri-Claveria C, et al. Rev Neurol, 2007[21]
Hong Kong 98 Hospital based, single center 74.5(MF) 77.6 Kum WF, et al. J Clin Neurosci, 2009[4]
Czech Republic 563 Hospital based, multi-center 66.7 - Bares M, et al. J Neural Transm, 2012[18]
Japan 1453 Hospital based, single center 44.7 - Yoritaka A, et al. Parkinsonism Relat Disord, 2013[22]
Italy 617 Hospital based, multi-center 56.9 - Stocchi F, et al. Parkinsonism Relat Disord, 2014[20]
China 1558 Hospital based, multi-center 46.5 10.3 Present study
  1. *WO diagnosis according to UPDRS-IV, MF Motor fluctuation.