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Table 1 Species of gram-negative bacteria exhibiting alteration in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease

From: Gram-negative bacteria and their lipopolysaccharides in Alzheimer’s disease: pathologic roles and therapeutic implications

Source Subject Method Gram-negative bacteria References
Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species
Feces APP/PS1 mice PCR Proteobacteria    Helicobacteraceae
Helicobacter   [33]
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales Porphyromonoadaceae Odoribacter  
PCR Bacteroidetes       [50]
PCR Bacteroidetes       [32]
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales Rikenellaceae   
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidales S24-7   
Verrucomicrobia Verrucomicrobiae Verrucomicrobiales Akkermansiaceae Akkermansia  
PCR Bacteroidetes       [34]
5×FAD mice PCR Proteobacteria δ-, γ-, ε-Proteobacteria   Helicobacteriaceae, Pseudomonadaceae    [23]
Bacteroidetes Bacteroidia Bacteroidia Prevotellaceae   
PCR Bacteroidetes       [35]
PCR Bacteroidetes Bacteriodia Bacteroidales Muribaculaceae    [10]
5×FAD mice
3×Tg mice
PCR Bacteroidetes       [51]
  1. PCR Polymerase chain reaction