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Table 1 List of all 10 studies that met the inclusion criteria based on full-text assessment

From: Effectiveness and mechanisms of adipose-derived stem cell therapy in animal models of Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author (year) Type of intervention Model Species/Strains Route of administration Doses per animal Follow-up time Outcome parameters
McCoy (2008) [19] Neural induction 6-OHDA Rats/Sprague-Dawley Intrastriatal 4 × 104 4 weeks Rotation (turns/20 min)
Number of TH+ neurons in SNpc and striatum
Microglial burden in SNpc (IOD)
Zhou (2013) [30] Neural induction MPTP (hemi) Monkeys/Rhesus Intrastriatal 6 × 106 4 months UPDRS (scores)
Rotation (turns/min)
Percentage of TH+ neurons in the substantia nigra
Park (2014) [20] Original 6-OHDA Rats/Sprague-Dawley Cisterna magna injection 2 × 106 6 weeks Rotation (turns/50 min)
Relative neuronal protein expression of midbrain tissues
Berg (2015) [24] Original 6-OHDA Rats/Wistar Intranigral 3 × 105 3 weeks 8-arm radial maze (times)
Rotation (turns/min)
Number of newly generated cells in the adult DG
Nigral mRNA levels of GDNF, BDNF and GFAP
Microglia number in the transplantation area
Choi (2015) [23] Original 6-OHDA Mice/C57BL6 Intravenous 1 × 106 6 weeks Rotation (turns/30 min)
Rotarod (s)
Number of TH Neurons in the SN
PET imaging analysis of dopamine D2 receptor in the striatum (binding potential)
The population of damaged mitochondria (%)
Mitochondrial complex I activity (%)
Schwerk (2015) [22] Original 6-OHDA Rats/Wistar Intranigral 3 × 105 6 months Rotation (turns/min)
8-arm radial maze (times)
Percentage of TH+ neurons in the SN (%)
Neurogenesis of subventricular and hippocampal cells (cell number)
EPO, IL-10, IL-4, and IL-2 levels (pg/ml)
Takahashi (2017) [25] Neural induction 6-OHDA Rats/Wistar Ipsilateral MFB injection 4 × 105 4 weeks Rotation (turns/min)
Chi (2018) [31] Original MPTP Mice/C57BL6 Intrastriatal 1 × 106 3 weeks Beam walking (s)
Rotarod (s)
Locomotor activity
Comparable TH quantity of the SN (%)
Meligy (2019) [28] Original Rotenone Rats/Wistar Intracardiac 1 × 106 2 weeks Rotarod (s)
Activity cage (counts/5 min)
Pole test (s)
Pale and dark neurons in SNc (cell number)
TH+ cells in the SNc (cells/mm2)
Blood levels of angiopoietin-2 (ng/ml) and dopamine (pg/ml)
GFAP and Nestin mRNA gene expression
Moayeri (2020) [27] Original 6-HD Rats/Sprague-Dawley Ipsilateral MFB injection 3 × 105 6 weeks Rotation (turns/1 h)
Nissl-stained cells in the SNc
  1. Abbreviations: TH Tyrosine hydroxylase, SNc substantia nigra compacta, DG dentate gyrus, MFB medial forebrain bundle, BP n-butylidenephthalid