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Table 4 Factors associated with AD biomarkers (unadjusted p ≤ 0.01) independent of race, adjusting for age, gender, mean framewise displacement, and APOE ε4 allele

From: Race modifies default mode connectivity in Alzheimer’s disease

SubsystemsConnectivityFactorB (95% Confidence Interval)Unadjusted pStorey’s q
MTL to
Posterior IPL to HippocampusRace0.019(− 0.29, − 0.05)0.387 
t-Tau0.002(0.00, 0.003)< 0.001< 0.001
Posterior IPL to Parahippocampal gyrusRace0.32(−0.14, .25)0.710 
Aβ420.02 (0.008, 0.40)0.0101.000
MTL to midline corePosterior IPL to Ventromedial prefrontal cortexRace−0.05(−0.30, 0.20)0.675 
t-Tau0.002(0.00, 0.003)0.0010.004
Parahippocampal gyrus to PrecuneusRace−0.10(−0.30, 0.23)0.358 
t-Tau0.002 (0.00, 0.002)0.0080.147
MTL to dorsomedialTemporal Pole to HippocampusRace−0.10(−0.30, 0.10)0.337 
t-Tau0.002(0.00, 0.003)0.0090.247
  1. Unadjusted p-values which remain significant after Benjamini-Hochberg step-up correction for multiple comparisons are bolded. Storey’s q-values are also shown with FDR < 10%. MTL Medial Temporal Lobe, IPL inferior parietal lobule