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Table 2 Comparison of human α-syn overexpression mouse models

From: Insights into the pathogenesis of multiple system atrophy: focus on glial cytoplasmic inclusions

Phosphorylated α-syn aggregates in OLGs++++++
Neuronal loss
 Striatonigral system++**++
 Olivopontocerebellar systemNDND
 Spinal cord+++***
Microglial activationND++++
Reference[173, 174][175, 176][177, 178]
  1. The results of immunohistochemical and phenotypic analysis of each MSA mouse model are highlighted.
  2. ++, present within 12 months of age; +, present after 12 months of age; −, not clearly observed; ND, not described. *, moderate expresser line; **, not significant in substantia nigra; ***, mainly parasympathetic outflow