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Table 1 Summary of Alzheimer’s disease-related circRNAs

From: Exploring the regulatory roles of circular RNAs in Alzheimer’s disease

Gene Expression Function Target gene/expression Source References
circ_0000950 NS miRNA sponges miR-103 ↓ PC12 cells and cerebral cortical neurons induced by Aβ1–42 [40]
mmu_circRNA_013636 Upregulated Unknown Hippocampal tissues of SAMP8 AD mice [41]
mmu_circRNA_012180 Downregulated Unknown Hippocampal tissues of SAMP8 AD mice [41]
ciRS-7 Downregulated miRNA sponges miR-7 ↑ Brain tissues of AD patients [42,43,44]
circHDAC9 Downregulated miRNA sponges miR-138 ↑ Sera of AD patients and hippocampal tissues of AD mice [45]
circRNA KIAA1586 miRNA sponges miR-29b, miR-101, miR-15a Four gene expression profiles of AD from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database [46]
circHOMER1 miRNA sponges miR-651 Cortex of AD patients [13]
circCORO1C miRNA sponges miR-105 Cortex of AD patients [13]
circNF1–419 Upregulated Interact with proteins Dynamin-1 ↑/AP2B1 ↑ Senescent cell model induced by D-galactose [47]
mmu_circ_017963 Downregulated mmu_miR_7033-3p Hippocampal tissues of SAMP8 AD mice [48]
  1. NS Non-significant.