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Fig. 6

From: Longitudinal diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging analysis at the cohort level reveals disturbed cortical and callosal microstructure with spared corticospinal tract in the TDP-43G298S ALS mouse model

Fig. 6

Neuronal counts in Layer V of M1 in TDP-43G298S and wt mice at two timepoints. a The density of NeuN+ cells was measured in M1 of wt and TDP-43G298S mice in distinct cohorts (at 6–8 months and 14–17 months of age). Whereas wt mice do not display a significant decline in the density of neurons in layer V, TDP-43G298S mice show a significant loss over time. b Representative coronar overview images (scalebar 600 μm) with M1 boundaries highlighted for wt and TDP-43G298S. c High magnification insets (scalebar 100 μm, white square in the overview images). ** p = 0.001; m = months

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