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Table 3 The common types of ocular abnormalities, their clinical findings, and pathological correlation

From: How to spot ocular abnormalities in progressive supranuclear palsy? A practical review

Eye examination Clinical findings Anatomical correlation of degeneration
Ocular fixation Square wave jerks Paramedian pontine reticular formation (PPRF)
Eye movement Slow saccades (vertical) Rostral interstitial nucleus of medial longitudinal fasciculus (riMLF)
Vertical supranuclear gaze palsy Interstitial nucleus of Cajal (INC)
Substantia nigra par reticulata
Superior colliculus
‘Round the Houses’ sign Inconclusive data
Eyelids Decreased blink rate Inconclusive data
Blepharospasm Inconclusive data
Apraxia of eyelid opening Inconclusive data