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Table 2 Registered interventional studies for mitochondrial transplantation on

From: Current progress of mitochondrial transplantation that promotes neuronal regeneration

Conditions/Diseases Status Phase Intervention Mitochondria donor NCT number
Age-related deterioration of oocyte quality Withdrawn 1&2 Injection of autologous mitochondria to the oocytes Autologous granulosa cells NCT01631578
Infertility Completed NA Autologous micro-injection of mitochondria into the oocytes during ICSI Autologous ovarian stem cells NCT02586298
Mitochondrial diseases: Pearson Syndrome Not yet recruiting Early 1 Mitochondria augmentation therapy: transplantation of autologous stem cell enriched with MNV-BLDa Autologous peripheral hematopoietic stem cells NCT03384420
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation complication Recruiting NA Autologous mitochondria injected or infused into the ischemic myocardium Autologous skeletal muscle cells NCT02851758
  1. NA not applicable, ICSI intracytoplasmic sperm injection, a MNV-BLD refers to blood-derived mitochondria