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Table 2 Comparison of demographic, clinical and cognitive parameters between NMDAab negative and NMDAab positive PD patients

From: No association between Parkinson disease and autoantibodies against NMDA-type glutamate receptors

Metric between nmda negative and nmda positive PD patients Value Test P-value
Sample age mean/sd t-test 0.655
Age PD onset mean/sd t-test 0.316
PD duration mean/sd t-test 0.401
UPDRS III median/mad MWU 0.723
MMSE median/mad MWU 0.808
PANDA median/mad MWU 0.174
Wechsler Memory Scale digit span reverse, number of correct numerical series median/mad MWU 0.259
Modified Card Sorting Test, Categories completed median/mad MWU 0.325
Stroop Test reading colours (s) median/mad MWU 0.190
Stroop Test naming colours (s) median/mad MWU 0.390
Stroop Test interference (s) median/mad MWU 0.589
CERAD Trail Making Test A, time to complete (s) median/mad MWU 0.075
CERAD Trail Making Test B, time to complete (s) median/mad MWU 0.167
CERAD word list memory test, sum score of 3 trails, immediate recall (range 0–30) median/mad MWU 0.163
CERAD word list, delayed free recall (range 0–10) median/mad MWU 0.308
Performance Evaluation System for Seniors (LPS 50+) subtest spatial abilities, sum of correct items median/mad MWU 0.070