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Table 4 CSF biomarkers and RBD as predictors of global cognitive decline in PD

From: CSF Aβ1–42 level is associated with cognitive decline in early Parkinson’s disease with rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder

Variables (Δ%MoCA as dependent variable) β P value
1–42 (RBD group) −0.03 ± 0.01 0.003*
1–42 (non-RBD group) −0.001 ± 0.007 0.944
Group (categorical RBD and non-RBD) 2.95 ± 1.18 0.013*
1–42*Group −2.85 ± 1.15 0.014*
  1. Data are shown as coefficient (β) ± (SE). In these linear effects models, Δ%MoCA is the dependent variable and Aβ1–42, group and Aβ1–42*Group are the independent variable, with age, sex, education, ApoE4 status, disease duration and baseline UPDRS part III score as co-variates. *P value statistically significant. Significant interactive effects were observed in Aβ1–42 and RBD group
  2. Abbreviations: PD Parkinsonr’s disease, RBD Rapid eye movement sleep behavioral disorder, CSF cerebrospinal fluid, MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment, β-amyloid