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Table 3 Regions showing high betweenness centrality in DKN of control subjects

From: Divergent topological networks in Alzheimer’s disease: a diffusion kurtosis imaging analysis

Regions Class Normalized betweenness, bi
Left inferior frontal gyrus, opercular part Paralimbic 4.69
Right precuneus Paralimbic 4.40
Left hippocampus Paralimbic 4.26
Right inferior frontal gyrus, opercular part Paralimbic 4.05
Left superior frontal gyrus, orbital part Paralimbic 3.40
Left fusiform gyrus Association 3.30
Left superior temporal gyrus Association 2.79
Right fusiform gyrus Association 2.67
Left thalamus Paralimbic 2.24
Right inferior frontal gyrus, triangular part Association 2.20
  1. The hub regions (bi>1.5) in the GM network of the control group for the MK metric were listed in a descending order of their normalized betweenness, bi. The regions were classified as primary, association and paralimibic as described by Mesulam (1998)