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Fig. 2

From: Specific serum antibody binding to phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated tau in non-cognitively impaired, mildly cognitively impaired, and Alzheimer’s disease subjects: an exploratory study

Fig. 2

Binding of serum IgM to pTau peptide in NCI, MCI, and AD subjects. Means (circle), medians (line through center of box), upper and lower quartiles (upper and lower borders of box, respectively), most extreme non-outlier values (lines extending from box), and outliers (asterisks) are shown for pTau IgM ratios in serum samples from NCI, MCI, and AD CTL subjects. “pTau IgM ratio” is the ratio of a serum sample’s specific IgM binding to phosphorylated tau peptide-coated wells divided by its specific IgM binding to non-phosphorylated tau peptide-coated wells: \( \frac{\mathrm{OD}\ \mathrm{for}\ \mathrm{IgM}\ \mathrm{binding}\ \mathrm{to}\ \mathrm{pTau}\ \mathrm{peptide}\hbox{--} \mathrm{OD}\ \mathrm{for}\ \mathrm{IgM}\ \mathrm{binding}\ \mathrm{to}\ \mathrm{BSA}}{\mathrm{OD}\ \mathrm{for}\ \mathrm{IgM}\ \mathrm{binding}\ \mathrm{to}\ \mathrm{non}\hbox{-} \mathrm{pTau}\ \mathrm{peptide}\hbox{--} \mathrm{OD}\ \mathrm{for}\ \mathrm{IgM}\ \mathrm{binding}\ \mathrm{to}\ \mathrm{BSA}} \) The overall test of between-group differences was not statistically significant (p = 0.79). (NCI = no cognitive impairment; MCI = mild cognitive impairment; AD = Alzheimer’s disease; pTau IgM = specific IgM binding to tau 196-207 phosphorylated at Serine-199 and Serine-202)

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