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Table 4 Factors that modify the predictive effects of levodopa responsiveness and disease subtype on motor improvement

From: Factors predicting the instant effect of motor function after subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease

Predictors Stratification factors   β 95% CI P value
Preoperative levodopa responsiveness Gender Female 1.1a (0.3,1.9) 0.0294*
Male 0.6a (−0.4,1.6) 0.2901
Disease duration, y <10 2.0a (1.1,2.9) 0.0021**
> = 10 −0.1a (−0.9,0.8) 0.8874
Motor fluctuations duration, y <=3 3.1a (0.8,5.5) 0.0393*
>3 0.5a (−0.4,1.3) 0.3061
Disease subtype(PIGD/LPS) Motor fluctuations duration, y >3 −38.4b (−67.1,−9.7) 0.039*
Disease severity >50 −41.1b (−61.8,−20.4) 0.03*
  1. arefers to the value of β means that as each increase of 1% of Levodopa responsiveness, the postoperative motor function improved as a certain amplitude; brefers to the value of β means the difference of motor improvement of PIGD group compared to that of LPS group; **p < 0.01, *p < 0.05; Disease severity was measured by the baseline UPDRS scores of part III