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Fig. 1

From: Serial deletion reveals structural basis and stability for the core enzyme activity of human glutaminase 1 isoforms: relevance to excitotoxic neurodegeneration

Fig. 1

Saturation curve and enzyme kinetics of GAC and KGA. a) Recombinant full-length GAC (red) and KGA (blue) at the indicated amount was tested in the glutaminase enzyme activity assay. Glutamate generated in 30 min reaction time was plotted using non-linear regression with GraphPad Prism software. b) Enzymatic activity of GAC and KGA was determined by the enzyme activity assay with varying glutamine concentrations. Data was plotted as mmol/L per 30 min reaction time against the glutamine concentration. Saturation profiles represent the non-linear least-squares fit to the Michaelis–Menten equation. Error bars represent the SD for triplicate enzyme activity. FL, full-length

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