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Table 4 Unit cost of healthcare resources used by AD patients in urban China

From: Clinical management and associated costs for moderate and severe Alzheimer’s disease in urban China: a Delphi panel study

Healthcare Resource Unit cost
Diagnosis hospitalisation 1600 RMB
Hospitalisationa 30,000 RMB/month
Consultation (service charge only) 14 RMB
Biological analysis 500 RMB
MRI 1050 RMB
Cognitive assessment scale 100 RMB
Nursing home 6000 RMB/month
Caregiver salary 6000 RMB/month
  1. aCost of hospitalisation for AD patients, including treatment for any complications or comorbidities (the average length of hospitalisation is 2 months). MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; RMB: Chinese Yuan Renminbi