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Table 4 Examples of existing drugs used to treat non-motor symptoms of PD

From: Treatment of the later stages of Parkinson’s disease – pharmacological approaches now and in the future

Non-motor symptom Example Status
Bladder dysfunction Anticholinergics - oxybutinin Marketed
Depression/anxiety SSRI - paroxetine Marketed
  SNRI - venlafaxine Marketed
  Tricyclic antidepressants – nortryptyline, desipamine Marketed
  Dopamine agonist - pramipexole Marketed
Psychosis Atypical antipsychotics – quetiapine Marketed
5-HT antagonist - primavanserin Approved in USA
Dementia Cholinesterase inhibitors - rivastigmine Marketed
Sleep disturbance - insomnia Hypnotic - zolpidem Marketed
Excessive daytime somnolence Modafinil Marketed