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Table 1 Examples of existing and novel approaches to the treatment of dyskinesia

From: Treatment of the later stages of Parkinson’s disease – pharmacological approaches now and in the future

Drug class Example Status
Glutamate antagonists   
Non-specific NMDA IR – amantadine Marketed
  CR - amantadine Clinical trials
NR2B   Experimental
AMPA Talampanel, perampanel Clinical trials
mGluR5 Mavoglurant Clinical trials
Other pharmacological classes   
5-HT 1a/1b agonists - Experimental
5-HT 2c antagonists - Experimental
Adrenergic antagonists Fipamezole Experimental
Opioid agonists and antagonists - Experimental
Cannabinoid agonists - Experimental
Nicotinic agonists - Experimental
Anticonvulsants Levetiracetam Clinical trials
  1. IR- immediate release; CR- controlled release.