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Table 1 Summary of published endpoints in randomized controlled trials in frontotemporal dementia

From: Randomized controlled trials in frontotemporal dementia: cognitive and behavioral outcomes

Study Sample size Global endpoints Cognitive endpoints Behavioral endpoints
Moretti, R. et al. [20] 16 --- MMSE, Ten Point Clock Test, Proverb Interpretation Tasks, Stroop Test NPI, CIRS, CSDD, BEHAVE-AD
Deakin, J.B. et al. [21] 10 --- CANTAB*, Verbal fluency, Digit Span NPI, CBI
Lebert, F. [22] 26 CGI-I MMSE NPI
Rahman, S. [23] 8 --- NART, MMSE, CANTAB**, Cambridge Gamble Task ---
Huey, E.D. [24] 8 --- RBANS NPI
Kertesz, A. [25] 36 CGI-S, CGI-I WAB, MMSE, DRS FBI, NPI, ADLS
Vercelletto, M. [19] 49 CIBIC+ MMSE, DRS NPI, FBI, DAD, ZBI
Boxer, A.L. [7] 81 CGI-C CVLT, fluency, BNT, Trail Making test, Digit Backwards, Digit symbol NPI
Jesso, S. [26] 20 --- Emotion recognition, emotion processing, Theory of Mind task NPI, FBI
  1. ADLS, alzheimer’s disease cooperative study—activities of daily living scale; BEHAV-AD, behavioral pathology in alzheimer’s disease rating scale; BNT, Boston naming test; CBI, Cambridge behavioral inventory; CGI-C, clinical global impression of change; CGI-I, clinical global impression of improvement; CGI-S, clinical global impression of severity; CIBIC+, clinician’s interview-based impression of change plus caregiver input; CIRS, clinical insight rating scale; CSDD, cornell scale for depression in dementia; CVLT, California verbal learning test; DAD, disability assessment for dementia; DRS, dementia rating scale, FBI, frontal behavioral inventory; MMSE, mini mental status exam; NART, National test of adult reading; NPI, neuropsychiatric inventory; RBANS, repeatable battery for the assessment of neuropsychological status; WAB, Western Aphasia battery; ZBI, Zarit burden inventory.
  2. *(immediate and delayed pattern recognition, spatial recognition, spatial span, spatial working memory, visual discrimination learning/attentional set shifting, decision-making “gamble,” and paired associates learning).
  3. **(pattern recognition memory, spatial recognition memory, spatial span, spatial working memory, and intradimensional (ID)/extradimensional (ED) attentional-set shifting, and Tower of London test of spatial planning).