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Table 3 The composition of the DTaP vaccines under study in the VAERS

From: A two-phase study evaluating the relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccine administration and the risk for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in the United States

Vaccine component Thimerosal-containing DTaP vaccine (Pfizer\Wyeth-Lederle) Thimerosal-free DTaP vaccine (GlaxoSmithKline)
Pertussis toxin (μg/dose) 3.5 25
Filamentous hemagglutinin (μg/dose) 35 25
Pertactin (μg/dose) 2 8
Fembrial agglutinogens (μg/dose) 0.8 -
Diphtheria toxoid (Lf/dose) 9 25
Tetanus toxoid (Lf.dose) 5 10
How toxoided Formaldehyde Formaldehyde
Aluminum (mg/dose) 0.23 0.50
Diluent Phosphate-Buffered Saline Saline
Preservative Thimerosal Phenoxyethanol
Trace constituents Formaldehyde, Gelatin, Polysorbate-80 Formaldehyde, Polysorbate-80