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Table 1 Randomized controlled trial comparing DBS to optimal medical management

From: Deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease

Author, year Number of patients Follow up Target Results (primary outcome)
Deuschl et al., 2006 [53] 156 6 months BL STN -Quality of life better with DBS
-Motor symptoms better with DBS.
Weaver et al., 2009 [54] 255 6 months BL STN or GPi Dyskinesia- free ON time 4.6 hours longer with DBS
Williams et al., 2010 [55] 366 12 months BL STN or GPi -Quality of life better with DBS
  1. Legend: BL: bilateral; STN: subthalamic nucleus; GPi: Globus pallidum pars interna; DBS: deep brain stimulation.