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Table 1 Neurotrophic factors that are currently under study for treatment of various disorders

From: Current advances in using neurotrophic factors to treat neurodegenerative disorders

  Neurotrophic factor Target neurons Current status
ALS NGF and BDNF Motor neurons Recruiting for Phase 1 and Phase 2
Parkinson’s disease GDNF/neurturin Striatal neurons Some Phase 1 complete, ongoing in Phase 1 and Phase 2
Huntington’s disease BDNF Striatal neurons Pre-clinical
Alzheimer’s disease NGF and BDNF Cholinergic neurons, entorhinal neurons Ongoing in Phase 1
Down Syndrome NGF Cholinergic neurons Pre-clinical
Spinal Cord Injury BDNF and NT-3 Site of injury Pre-clinical
Obesity BDNF Hypothalamus Pre-clinical
Lysosomal storage disorders BDNF Various in CNS Pre-clinical
Sensory neuropathies NGF Sensory and sympathetic neurons Phase 2 completed
Supranuclear Palsy GDNF Various in CNS Phase 2 completed
  1. Current status defines Phase trials that have either been completed or are underway [32]. Pre-clinical status was assigned to each if the neurotrophic factor has been shown to rescue neuronal functioning in target neurons in rodent and primate models of disease.